Monday, August 18, 2008

Did the Olympics Change Your Mind about China? - Airdate - 8/27/08 - 4 p.m. (ET)

Joe Hardtke

Update - 8/27/08: This show has aired. You can download the MP3 from our archive. Let us know what you think!

I'm still trying to find good guests for the Beijing Olympic Wrap-Up program. We've contacted some great sources at The New York Times and The London Times. No luck. I have a call out to the BBC and I'm hoping to hear back from their sports blogger this morning.

Here on Earth's Blogging Queen, Kaitlin, referred me to the sports writers at I don't usually read their posts. Any thoughts?

Lisa Bu has a Beijing contact, Susan Brownell. She appeared on our program Will The Olympics Change China? Perhaps we can convince her to join us at 4 a.m. Beijing time.

If you know any journalists with a strong perspective on the Beijing games, please drop me a note.


Joe Hardtke said...

Joe Hardtke

We've made some progress on this program in the past 24 hours.

NPR's Stefan Fatsis and Louisa Lim have both expressed interest in the topic, Louisa volunteering to wake up at 4:30 a.m. (Beijing time) and join us for half of the program.

We still have to sort out some details, so we'll be pushing this program back, tentatively scheduling it for next Wednesday, August 27th at 4 p.m. (EST).

The good news: Maria has booked the wonderful Rajaa Alsanea for Thursday the 21st to discuss her book "Girls of Riyadh."

The main question for the Olympic show: Have the games changed your perception of China? You can leave your responses here and we'll read them back on the air, call our Podcast Hotline at 608-890-0269 or join us live on the 27th.

Joe Hardtke said...

Hey Here on Earth'ers.

This show is ready to go.

Stefan Fatsis and Louisa Lim are our guests and will join us from Washington, D.C. and Shanghai, China, respectively.

Stefan is an NPR sports commentator and author of the book A Few Seconds of Panic.

Louisa is a foreign correspondent covering the Olympics for NPR.

It goes to air this Wednesday, August 27th, at 4 p.m. (Eastern time).

Our question for you: Did the Olympics change your perception of China? Post your thoughts here, send us an e-mail or call our Here on Earth hotline - 608-890-0269. Then join us live this Wednesday.