Monday, October 20, 2008

What Vampires Eat - Airdate - 10/31/08 - 4 p.m. (ET)

Update - 10/31/08: "What Vampires Eat" has aired. You can download the MP3 from our archive. Let us know what you think!

Joe Hardtke

So I'm thinking of putting a odd spin on our Food Friday shows by booking a program on "The Vampire Diet" for October 31st. The traditional vampire is a global topic, with variations on the legend worldwide. These days, of course, American pop culture has introduced the western take on vampires to cinema screens, TVs, books and websites across the continents.

But I want to go further than just an exploration on vampire folklore!

My initial thought is to spoof our typical food show by talking about vampires as if we were to cook for them. Imagine a Here on Earth guest relaying the following: "Romanian counts are always up for a late night snack rich in high-protein human blood but light on the garlic, of course. These days, some American vampires, like those in the book and movie Twilight, are dating humans and finding other nutritional sources."

The first guest to come to mind is anthropologist Neil Whitehead, a good friend of show and enthusiast of all things dark and Gothic. But the ideas are still coming together, so if you know a better way to shape this conversation, or great guests, do let me know!

Update: I'm happy to say we've booked Neil to the show, but I'm working on a second guest. Perhaps Peter Watts, as suggested by Brian in the comments below.

Update: We've just booked Charlaine Harris to the show. You might know Charlaine from her Sookie Stackhouse series of vampire novels which inspired the new HBO series True Blood. Neil and Charlaine: A perfect mix of vamp history and fiction!

Post your questions for Neil and Charlaine right here (or call the Here on Earth Hotline - 608-890-0269) and we'll read them back during the show!


Brian Dunbar said...

or great guests, do let me know!

You can't shake a stick at Borders without hitting a novel about vampires. Usually a series of them. One of the authors might be a good guest for a 'vampire chow' show.

Charlaine Harris is writing a series that my wife is partial to - the Sookie Stackhouse (Southern Vampire) Series.

A guy named Peter Watts wrote a very excellent SciFi novel called Blindsight with an interesting take on vampires - they're real! But they went extinct at the dawn of civilization because of a genetic glitch - right angles cause epileptic-like fits. So when people started making buildings - vampires exited the gene pool.

But you know scientists - they found a way to tweak our genes to recreate vampires. They're natural predators, faster than we are, much smarter. Whoops.

Peter is a terribly smart guy - he'd be interesting 'Here On Earth' material.

Joe Hardtke said...

Hi Brian,

These are good suggestions. I was hoping we could introduce a little fiction into the fun.

My wife is crazy about the upcoming film version of Twilight, so I think now is a great time to do this show.

Patrick said...

I thought Vampire diet consisted of blood? Maybe they have blood brownies too. Blood bread?

I'm not a Vampire myself but I do eat blood sausage. I've heard of blood soup too.

Anyways, sounds like a spooky show!! Great idea!

Joe Hardtke said...

Hey Brian,

I hope you get this message. I just wanted to thank you again for suggesting Charlaine Harris. I thought she was terrific. I hope you think so, too.

Keep the good ideas coming!

Brian Dunbar said...

just wanted to thank you again for suggesting Charlaine Harris.

You are entirely welcome. I was home early from work today and (for a change!) caught most of the program on the radio and not in podcast form.

Ms. Harris was quite something - I moved here from Texas a few years ago and I really miss hearing accents like that on a regular basis. And then Neil Whitehead .. ah that was a perfect mix of Old World and New.