Tuesday, July 14, 2009

The Happiness Project - Airdate - 7/15 - 4 p.m. (ET)

Joe Hardtke

UPDATE - Charles Spearin is now confirmed to the show. As you might have noticed, we've booked him for this Wednesday. You can post your questions for Charles right here and we'll use them on the air.

I've been talking with Arts & Crafts records out of Toronto with hopes of booking Charles Spearin to the program. You may know Spearin as a member of Broken Social Scene, the Toronto collective responsible for such great 00's albums as You Forgot It In People or their self-titled 2005 disc.

These days, when not recording the new Broken Social Scene album, Spearin is promoting his debut CD, the intriguing Happiness Project.

Spearin essentially interviewed his Toronto neighbors, his family and friends about the idea of happiness and created music with the recordings. Mind you, Spearin didn't just write music to compliment their voices, or to play around their words. He wrote music actually using the tones in their voices.

Charles Spearin: "After each interview I would listen back to the recording for moments that were interesting in both meaning and melody. It has always been interesting to me how we use sounds to convey concepts. Normally, we don’t pay any attention to the movement of our lips and tongue, and the rising and falling of our voices as we toss our thoughts back and forth to each other. We just talk and listen. The only time we pay attention to these qualities is in song. I wanted to see if I could blur the line between speaking and singing - life and art? - and write music based on these accidental melodies."

Keep your eyes peeled to this blog. If and when we confirm Charles Spearin to the program, you'll be the first to know. In the meantime, we'll take your questions about The Happiness Project right here and save them for the eventual interview. Or, perhaps you'd simply like to answer Spearin's main question: Where do you find happiness?

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