Friday, January 15, 2010

The Web: For Better or Worse 1/14

Carly Yuenger

Yesterday's show was a big hit. Jaron Lanier, father of virtual reality technology, joined us to talk about a manifesto he's been working on for a while, finally released as a book, You Are Not A Gadget.

Lanier was around when the internet was being invented. Now, he wants to remind us how that happened, and didn't happen... That is, he argues that it's time to reconsider the way computer technology has evolved and remember what it can't do. And the stakes are high...

During the show we talked about what it means to be human, the utopian ideals of software designers, and the ever elusive creative process.

If this gets your gears going, have a listen to the show here, or post your thoughts below: How has the internet changed the way you think, the way you construct your identity, or how you make art? Are there times you feel dehumanized by the technology in your life? Are you satisfied with what the internet has become? What do we need to critique about it?

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