Monday, February 1, 2010

Stargazing here on earth 2/1

Carly Yuenger

On today's show Doug Reilly, author of the blog "Punk Astronomy", joins us to explain why we should be spending more time looking up...

Does looking up into the stars leave you feeling like you've witnessed something utterly profound? What can the perspective change do for us?

Share your thoughts and stories of stargazing by leaving a comment below. And, help us create a list of stargazing clubs and viewing opportunities by sharing information about those in your area, so more of us can go get lost in the stars.

Three updates since the show: One caller asked Doug for recommendations on books that have un-doctored pictures of what one sees through a telescope. Here's his recommendation:
  • "There is a series of books by observer Stephen James O'Meara called "Deep Sky Companions". The first book covers the Messier Objects. Steven draws each object and his drawings match the eyepiece views much more closely than Hubble photographs."
And here's the thought he left us with, the full quote from Philip Glazebrook's Journey to Kars:
  • "To have your eyes widened and your organ of belief stretched, whilst remaining discreetly submissive, seems to me a faculty the [traveler] ought to cultivate. When you have submitted to looking about you discreetly and to observing with as little prejudice as possible, then you are in a proper state of mind to walk about and learn from what you see."
Lastly, moonsword has kindly left a list of observatories, astronomy clubs, and databases that is sure to get you started. Just check out the comment below!

Clear skies to you!

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moonsword said...

great places to start...
Northern Cross Science Foundation/Jim & Gwen Plunkett Observatory
West Bend, WI/Harringon Beach State Park

Northern Cross Science Foundation--Links-info & clubs

UW-Madison Astronomy Department Space Place/Washburn Observatory
Madison, WI

Madison Astronomical Society
Madison, WI

Milwaukee Astronomical Society & Observatory
New Berlin, WI

Wehr Astronomical Society & Observatory
Franklin, WI

Wehr Astronomical Society--Links-resources, clubs, etc

Urban Stargazers-Milwaukee Astronomy & Telescope Enthusiasts
Milwaukee, WI

Neville Public Museum Astronomical Society/Parmentier Observatory
Green Bay, WI

Door Peninsula Astronomical Society/Leif Everson Observatory
Sturgeon Bay, WI

Yerkes Observatory
Williams Bay, WI

Astronomical League--North Central Region

Night Sky Network National Club Map
Find Astronomy Clubs by Address, City, State or Zip Code