Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Missionary work today 3/17

Dominique Haller

On today's show, we will be discussing the presence of American evangelist missionaries in Eastern Africa with UW-Madison Professor Amy Stambach. These missionaries represent an old phenomenon in a new global context. How do today's missionaries differentiate themselves from previous missionaries? What are the underlying assumptions on which their work is based? What is the result of their presence in East African countries? And what do people in countries like Tanzania and Uganda think about American missionaries?

How do you see missionary work today? Are you involved in missionary work, and why? What do you think about faith-based aid initiatives? Share your thoughts on the air or at our voicemail by calling 1877-GLOBE-07 or by leaving a comment below.

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tinita said...

Thanks for the post, its such a wonderful events.

God Bless!

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