Tuesday, December 21, 2010

International Children's Literature - 12/22

Dominique Haller

What books did you grow up with? On today's show, we'll talk with two experts on children's literature about its history and its diversity in the world today. Authors such as Edith Nesbit from the UK and Astrid Lindgren from Sweden have provided our youngsters with great classics of children's literature. Here's a list with links to some of the authors we'll talk about in today's show:

Astrid Lindgren, Sweden: go to her website and find out about her books here.

Tove Jansson, Finland: learn about the Moomin Series here.

Kitty Crowther, Belgium: her books are currently only available in French and Dutch. To see some of her amazing illustrations, click here.

Ryoki Arai, Japan: his website is in Japanese, but his books have been translated to English. To see his quirky picture books, click here.

What are the best memories you have of children's books? Which were your favorites when growing up, and why? Which ones are you now reading to your kids? Leave your comments below.

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