Friday, January 21, 2011

Programs for the Week of Jan 24

Jean’s Pick of the Week (watch video): Upcycling, Recycling, and “There’s gold in them there landfills!”: I had a ball today connecting with garbage wizard Tom Szaky, CEO of Terracycle, one of the most innovative green businesses in the world. Tom delivered one of our best Here on Earth programs ever – future positive, energizing, full of hope, practical wisdom, and inspiration. He says there’s no garbage he can’t make something out of, and he proves it.

Monday: Wisdom of the Eco-Mystics: Mystics are often seen as detached from the world, but Paula Hirschboeck tells us the opposite is true. Paula Hirschboeck, an ordained Buddhist priest and former Dominican nun, joins us to talk about the urgent ecological lessons both early and modern mystics have to teach us about our conflicted relationship with the earth.

Tuesday: The Global University: Will your son or daughter be earning a college degree in Singapore or Qatar in the near future? Higher education journalist and researcher Ben Wildavsky contends that the rising mobility of college students, faculty, and even campuses across national borders is to be embraced, not feared. This often ignored effect of globalization, he says, will bring improved education, economic growth, and new opportunities for people around the world.

Wednesday: Paul Ehrlich Redefines the Family: What does family mean to you? Paul Ehrlich made his mark as a world famous environmentalist with the publication of The Population Bomb in 1968. Ehrlich now believes that our very survival may depend on expanding our capacity for empathy and our understanding of the human family.

Thursday: I Killed Scheherazade: How are Arab women portrayed in the West? Lebanese spitfire Joumana Haddad electrified the Arab world by starting the first erotic magazine in Arabic. Ever since her appearance on Here on Earth in the summer of 2009 – one of our best programs of that year - I’ve been eagerly anticipating her next move. It’s just arrived in the form of a highly provocative book some are calling a manifesto: I Killed Schererazade: Confessions of an Angry Arab Woman.

Friday: Wild Within: Outdoorsman Steve Rinella gets his food by foraging from what he calls the world’s “first supermarket.” On his new Travel Channel television series, The Wild Within, he travels the world hunting for the food he feeds his family.

Let’s help one another get through this long cold month by making some great radio!


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