Monday, February 21, 2011

The King's Speech - 2/21

Dominique Haller

In today's show, we'll be discussing the aspects of class that are part of the Oscar-nominated film The King's Speech. We won't be focusing on stuttering, which is obviously a big aspect of the film but isn't tied to our focus today. If you want to inform yourself on stuttering or are looking for support, click here to go to the National Stuttering Association.

Below, you can see an video of the real King George VI giving a speech in 1938. While his stutter is almost not audible, you can see him literally struggle with some of the words. It's impressive to see.

What did you think of The King's Speech? Did you see it as a film about a stutterer, a film about class, or a film about a hero? Leave your comments below!

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