Friday, February 10, 2012

Programs for the Week of 2/13

Monday: Pigs for Profit: The Village Enterprise Fund's mission is to equip East Africans living in extreme poverty with resources to create sustainable businesses. Through small business grants, the fund helps entrepreneurs raise livestock to sell in local markets as a means of livelihood.

Tuesday: Love, InshAllah: What’s your image of Muslim women—repressed, oppressed, submissive? Not according to a new collection of stories about love, relationships and dating, written by Muslim-American women. Ayesha Mattu and Nura Maznavi, co-editors of Love, InshAllah, join us to talk about the secret love lives of Muslim-American women.

Wednesday: 5 Broken Cameras: "If you are wounded you will always remember your wound, even after it’s healed. But what if you are injured again and again... you forget your scars. But the camera remembers and so I film to heal." - Emad Burnat

When Palestinian farmer, Emad Burnat, got his first video camera, he never dreamed of making a film--or history. He merely wanted to record memories of his new-born son. But when Israeli bulldozers move into his West Bank village, Emad turns into an overnight documentary filmmaker. Five smashed cameras later, and with the help of an Israeli filmmaker, he completes a remarkable film about West Bank life, called 5 Broken Cameras.

Thursday: Volunteering on Vacation: Can’t decide where to go on your next vacation? How about volunteering your time at a women’s NGO in India, or working with elephants in the jungles of Thailand? Richard Webb, founder and President of ProWorld, joins us to talk about how development and tourism can go hand in hand.

Friday: Sweet Tooth: The Bitter-Sweet History of Candy: How did candy evolve from medicine to luxury item to today’s ubiquitous M&M’s and Kitkat bars? A multi-million dollar industry has sprung up around confection, but candy has a dark and bitter history that has been hidden or mostly forgotten.

And on that sweet note: Happy Valentines' Day!

Jean and the team at Here on Earth

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