Friday, March 16, 2012

Programs for the Week of 3/19

This week begins the countdown to my retirement and a Last Hurrah for Here on Earth. To mark the occasion, we’ve been given special permission to deviate slightly from the usual order of things. Instead of brand new shows, I will be bringing back some of my very favorite guests all through the rest of the month – people who have been my personal movers and shakers over the years. The Hit Parade begins this Wednesday with Parker Palmer, followed by Molly Peacock on Thursday with a special Poetry Circle of the Air. Be sure to check next week’s bulletin when the excitement will be building right up to the very last show.

Jean’s Pick of the Week: 'Crazy Daisy': What’s not to love in the story of “Crazy Daisy,” aka Juliette Gordon-Low, the intrepid early pioneer and feminist who founded the Girls Scouts and managed to transform it into an international movement before she died, cancer be damned. Fittingly, Juliette was buried in her scout uniform. Judging from so many callers who gave such ardent testimonials, her legacy lives on. What a joy. And shame on Bob Morris for attempting to tarnish the image of the Girl Scouts by falsely linking them with Planned Parenthood and abortion.

Monday: United World Colleges: An Experiment in International Secondary Education:: At United World Colleges in countries as diverse as Norway, Swaziland, India and the United States, high school students from all over the world learn together in unique classes that encourage global citizenship and international understanding. It’s a fifty year old educational experiment that is building a sustainable world culture, one student at a time.

Tuesday: Kids Solving World Problems: Global Youth Service Day is one month from today. Organized by YSU, Youth Service America, it recognizes young people, ages 5-25, in all four corners of the planet who are working to solve serious social and environmental problems 365 days of the year. I first learned about this organization and met Steve Culbertson, its dynamite leader, at last year’s Summit on Global Citizen Diplomacy, and got really enthused when I learned about some of the incredible things these kids are up to. Lots of inspiration here.

Wednesday: Parker Palmer: Here on Earth Guru: Throughout most of my many years on WPR, Parker has been my friend and mentor. I’ve learned so much from him, and his ideas have been crucial both to my own development and to my ideas about talk radio.

Thursday: The 2012 Spring Equinox Poetry Circle of the Air: For this very special last round-up poetry circle, Molly Peacock has chosen two poems by Emily Dickinson, the famous one that includes her inimitable advice on writing poetry, “tell the truth, but tell it slant,” and another one that Molly chose for its wisdom about what it takes to enter a new stage in life. Look for the poems on our website and be sure to bring your own choice of favorite poem of the season (not your own, please), to the circle.

Friday: The Country Cooking of Italy: For my last Food Friday, I have been utterly self-indulgent in choosing to talk about the kind of cooking that is nearest and dearest to my heart. Fortunately, most of the rest of the world seems to agree. Drawing on more than 40 years of experience traveling and eating in Italy, lucky guy, Colman Andrews explores every region, from Piedmont to Puglia, and discovers that even the most sophisticated dishes derive from simple, rustic fare.

This final note: The Spring Pledge Drive begins this week, but Here on Earth has been given a special dispensation. Our programs will continue as usual without interruption, so be sure to stay tuned! And thanks!


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