Tuesday, September 23, 2008

An Exciting Week...

Joe Hardtke

I hope you've been enjoying our programs this week, because big things are afoot behind the scenes at Here on Earth.

Thursday brings the broadcast debut of our Inside Islam series with a program on Heavy Metal. With it comes some cool little tricks from the Here on Earth interactive playbook. Heavy Metal Islam author Mark LeVine and Heavy Metal In Baghdad director Suroosh Alvi are the guests.

You'll be able to reach them live in all our usual ways: You can call our live number 1-800-642-1234. You can also instant message hereonearthradio at AOL or MSN, send an e-mail or post your thoughts at the Inside Islam blog or here at the Blog Without Borders. You could even leave your message before the show at our Here on Earth hotline.

But what excites me most is what we'll be doing after program. We're planning a post-show chat on-line with Jean and Mark LeVine, who's graciously offered to stay with us after the broadcast ends to talk with all of you. Keep your eyes peeled right here or at hereonearth.org for further details. Dan and I hope to post them for you tomorrow.

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