Wednesday, September 24, 2008

The Inside Islam Chat with Mark LeVine

Joe Hardtke

Hey everyone! I'm just writing with an update on the Inside Islam chat with Mark LeVine, author of Heavy Metal Islam.

The chat will begin immediately after the broadcast ends at 5 p.m. (EST). You can join the chatroom at that time by going to the Inside Islam blog and following the instructions posted there tomorrow. Our Inside Islam blogger, Kaitlin, will moderate the chat along with Jean Feraca and maybe the rest of our staff joining in. (Hey, I went through my metal phase just like you.)

See you tomorrow!


Patrick said...

Hi Joe, do you guys have a copy of the chatroom discussion? I think it's a great idea - would have been there if I knew about it!

Very interesting show!!

Joe Hardtke said...

Hey Patrick,

Thanks for dropping by. You can find the entire chat posted at the Inside Islam blog...

We're currently planning our second Inside Islam show on young Muslims and their use of modern media (YouTube, blogs, etc.) on October 29th. Journalist Reza Aslan has been confirmed for the show and we'll have more info on the program very soon.