Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Obama vs. Osama - Airdate - 11/26/08 - 4 p.m. (EST)

Update - 11/26/08: This show has aired. You can download the MP3 from our archive. Let us know what you think!

Joe Hardtke

So we put together a terrific show today on Al Qaeda's latest video where Ayman al-Zawahri insults Barack Obama by comparing him unfavorably to slain civil rights leader Malcolm X. It provoked some fascinating analysis and speculation over the past few days, so we decided to ask the question: Does the election of Barack Obama heighten or reduce the possibility of another terrorist attack? How worried should we be?

I was very happy with how the show turned out. We addressed some long-standing questions about American Muslims, their hopes and concerns about President-Elect Obama and his foreign policy position. I only had one regret: I booked Dr. Lewis Baldwin to the show and due to some technical problems with his phone, we weren't able to get him on the air. But all is not lost. After the show, we asked Professor Baldwin if he would like to post some thoughts about Malcolm X and his beliefs in regards to this current debate. He happily agreed.

I expect him to post his reaction to the program sometime in the next week, so please pay a return visit to the Blog and read on!

And to Dr. Baldwin, thanks so much for your patience and kindness. I hope we can have you back on our airwaves someday soon.

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F. Milton said...

Anything the government or media (and especially government media) tells us about "al-Quaeda" is questionable as it is never accompanied by any checkable facts.

I see a false-flag attack on America coming so that FEAR can be used to drive Americans into supporting the next set of wars based on lies.

Doesn't anyone learn from experience?