Tuesday, December 30, 2008

New Year - New Number! 1-877-GLOBE-07

Joe Hardtke

I'm very excited to announce a new approach to the way listeners can contact Here on Earth, one that we hope will even the playing field for everyone.

Since the beginning of this show, listeners to our broadcast and live webstream would call a toll-free number, meet our on-air producer and be ushered through to the program. Podcast listeners never really had that same opportunity. Sure, you could send an e-mail, or write to us at the blog, but we never actually could hear your voices. We initially tried to have our podcast listeners call our office, but it was a separate number, it was hard to remember and it wasn't toll-free.

Starting January 2nd, with our first new broadcast of the year, we hope to change all of that. We've set aside a catchy new toll-free number that can be used by everyone - radio listeners, podcast listeners, webstream listeners... Everyone.

Here it is: 1-877-GLOBE-07. That's 1-877-GLOBE-zero-seven. For those inclined not to use words on their phone, it's 1-877-456-2307. Either way you use it, we're calling it the Here on Earth Hotline, and here's how it works.

During the live show, the number will work for all of our live callers. You would call in just like you normally would, talk to our on-air producer and be put through to Jean. But when the show's over, the Hotline will remain open for our podcast listeners to join in the fun. By calling 1-877-GLOBE-07, you'll reach our automatic voicemail system, inviting you to leave your comments on what you just heard, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. These voicemails will automatically be sent, as an audio file, to the e-mail inbox of yours truly.

How will we use your messages? If you call after the show, we'll play your comments back during our Here on Earth Mailbag segment, which we hope to do around once a week. But better yet, if you call about upcoming shows, we can have our guests respond to your questions on the air. Just remember to check in here or at hereonearth.org to find out what's coming up.

To our listeners overseas: We understand toll-free numbers sometimes won't work for international calls. I wish we could change that, but it remains out of our hands. However, you can still e-mail us, leave your thoughts here at the blog, or call the non-toll-free number for the Here on Earth Hotline. That's 1-608-890-0269. It's the same line as the 877 number above and it works the same way.

So there you have it... 1-877-GLOBE-07. The Here on Earth Hotline. Anyone can call, anyone can comment, anytime, any time zone. Because we want to hear all of your voices, even you, Here on Earth.


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