Thursday, December 4, 2008

Women and Shari'a - Airdate - 12/4 - 4 p.m. (ET)

Update - 12/4/08: This show has aired. You can download the MP3 from the Inside Islam archive. Let us know what you think!

Joe Hardtke

I hope you were listening along this afternoon to our latest Inside Islam program, Women and Shari'a. Personally, I found the show enlightening with lots of recurring themes (patriarchy, Islamic social norms) that demand more exploration.

The call volume today was something to behold. Lots of you had an opinion on this subject and I'm sorry we couldn't fit you all in. Here's the next best thing: Please post your thoughts here, or better yet, visit our good friend Kaitlin at the Inside Islam blog. She writes quite a bit on the subject and I know she'd love to have your feedback.

Thanks again for listening and for contributing here at the Blog Without Borders.

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