Sunday, March 13, 2011

Programs for the Week of Mar 14

Jean’s Pick of the Week (watch video): Fighting for Libya: As a third-generation Italian-American whose family emigrated from the most neglected and despised regions of southern Italy, I grew up hearing Mussolini lauded as a fascist dictator who, after all, made the trains run on time and wiped out malaria by draining the swamps. I never bought it. But, as an adult, I did attach myself to what Professor Ali Ahmida calls “the myth of Italy’s benign fascism.” Professor Ali Ahmida disabused me of that myth, and, painful as it was to learn about the horrors that Libyans suffered under Italian colonization, I am grateful to him.

Monday: Mooz-lum: A coming of age story based on the director’s real-life experience, "Mooz-lum" is a film that explores the trials of a young Muslim man brought up strictly who struggles through an identity crisis when he finds himself facing new freedoms in college amid the tensions of the 9/11 attacks. The film was shown in select theaters Feb. 11th with more theaters around the country.

Tuesday: The Year of the Hare: Have you ever felt the urge to chuck it all, slip out the back door, and start life anew? That’s just what the main character does in Finland’s best loved novel, "The Year of the Hare" by Arto Paasilinna. Renowned travel writer Pico Iyer, who wrote the forward to the book, did the same thing when he left for Japan many years ago. He joins us to talk about the new North American edition of the book and about the benefits of leaving it all behind.

Wednesday: House Committee Meets on Muslim Radicalization: Assemblyman Peter King’s hearings began Thursday, March 10 for the purpose of exploring the extent of radicalization in the American Muslim community. The hearings are being compared to those instigated by Wisconsin Senator Joe McCarthy on un-American activities during the so-called Red Scare in the fifties. But, surprisingly enough, some prominent Muslims are in favor of them. What do you think?

Thursday: Ireland Unhinged: Among the countries hit hardest by the economic downturn is Ireland, which had been riding high on a boom of prosperity that garnered it the highest quality of life index in the world. This St. Patrick’s Day American ex-pat David Monagan shares stories from Cork about the new troubles in Ireland and the country’s resilient spirit.

Friday: Nowruz: Persian New Year: Saideh Jamshidi, our Iranian-American producer, has found the perfect guest, Najmieh Batmanglij, to talk about the Iranian New Year celebration this month, which is an ancient and complex ritual connected to Zoroastrianism. Najmieh is the author of several highly esteemed cook books including "Happy Nowruz." Now, if I can only learn to pronounce her name.

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