Friday, March 4, 2011

Programs for the Week of Mar 7

Highlights of the Coming Week: Don’t miss a special broadcast of Here on Earth this week when Jean Feraca is joined by three of Africa's greatest guitarists for a live in-studio performance.

Jean’s Pick of the Week (watch video): Al Jazeera's Revolution: When Al Jazeera made its debut fifteen years ago its arrival was greeted with disdain, suspicion, and rejection in the U.S. Donald Rumsfeld demonized it; George W. Bush allegedly wanted to bomb its headquarters in Baghdad, and probably did. Now, as a result of its coverage of the popular uprising in Cairo its web traffic has risen 200%. What I most enjoyed learned about the network from Lawrence Pintak was that it subscribes to mission-driven journalism and has no remorse whatsoever about fostering democracy.

Monday: Fighting for Libya: Ali Ahmida grew up in Libya. Now, as a political scientist in the United States he's calling attention to the Libyan people's rich history of resistance including poetry produced by Libyans forced into concentration camps under Italy's colonial rule. He'll offer a people-centered view of Libya's ongoing struggle for democracy.

Tuesday: To a Mountain in Tibet: After the loss of his mother acclaimed travel writer Colin Thubron journeyed to the holiest mountain on earth: Mount Kailas, Tibet. It is sacred to one-fifth of humankind and has never been climbed. On an often grueling trek through an impoverished yet breathtaking landscape, Colin Thubron encountered a complex intermingling of religious beliefs while confronting his own experience with death.

Wednesday: Living with Soul: Walter Wink in his book The Human Being argues that we humans are more than we think we are. Using dialogue and the insights of Jungian depth psychology, he encourages us to consider our human capacity as exemplified in fully realized human beings like Jesus and other spiritual leaders.

Thursday: Africa's Greatest Guitarists: We're hoping to have Habib Koite, Oliver Mtukudzi and Afel Bocoum, three of Africa's best known guitarists representing three very different traditions, join us for a live in-studio performance as their American tour comes to Madison. Stay tuned!

Friday: Food-Tripping Though Vietnam: In her culinary journey through Vietnam Kim Fay frequently tasted Com Hen, clam rice with thin silver star fruit. She was fascinated by the tartness that sparked against the dry crunch of the wonton stick. We talk with Kim Fay about Vietnamese food and culture.

Old Chinese curse: May you live in interesting times!


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