Friday, April 29, 2011

Programs for the Week of 4/4

This Wednesday is a special day for WPR: We’re calling it One Day Wednesday, a heroic attempt to raise all the cash that usually consumes a whole week in a single day. It’s a win/win – you get less on-air fundraising and we get to do what God intended us to do – make radio worthy of your ears – and dollars. To donate now, click here.

Jean’s Pick of the Week (watch video): The Meaning of Mary Magdalene: I got a little lost in the middle of reading Cynthia Bourgeault’s book, The Meaning of Mary Magdalene, but she was clear as a bell on the radio. It was very surprising to me, and to her as well, I’m sure, that so many callers were completely comfortable with the idea that Jesus and Mary Magdalene might have had an intimate relationship. Fully human? Fully divine? Are Christians finally freeing themselves from the mind shackles of the Church Fathers in their rejection of the body, their marginalization of women, and their obsession with celibacy? And if so, what balm for the wound.

Monday: After the Dalai Lama: In March of this year, the Dalai Lama announced that he was looking for a successor who could take over his political duties as head of Tibet’s government in exile. In May, Tibetan representatives will meet to discuss the Dalai Lama’s proposal of political retirement. We’ll discuss the future of the Dalai Lama and of Tibet with Tim Johnson, author of Tragedy in Crimson: How the Dalai Lama Conquered the World but Lost the Battle with China

Tuesday: The Ride of Your Life: It’s time to get your bicycles out of the basement! Whether you’re crazy about bikes or just appreciate a leisurely ride, you’ll fall in love with Robert Penn’s story, who once circled the globe on a bike, then traveled to different countries to find the perfect parts for the bike to grow old with. In his book It’s All About the Bike: The Pursuit of Happiness on Two Wheels, he explains how the bike has changed our world in the past and how it just might change our future.

Wednesday: Join The Club: Pulitzer Prize winner, Tina Rosenberg, joins us on One Day Wednesday to talk about her new book on the positive power of peer pressure. That’s right, she says that the influence you were told to ignore as a teenager is the same force that, when harnessed, can overthrow dictators and make teens demand safe sex!

Thursday: Inside Islam: I Speak for Myself: The media have plenty to say about Muslim women, but the day's headlines rarely reflect the lives of the majority of Muslim women. And even less commonly do we hear the voices of Muslim women themselves. This week, Madison welcomes women writers behind a new collection of essays seeking to fill this void, I Speak For Myself: American Women on Being Muslim.

As always, you can comment before, during or after the show at the Inside Islam blog.

Friday: Tender: Revered British food writer Nigel Slater’s encyclopedic take on his vegetable garden arrives on the American side of the Atlantic just in time to inspire your plans for this year’s vegetable patch! Lori Skelton sits in as we nibble everything green, from Asparagus to Fava Beans to Zucchini.

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