Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Back and Blogging...

Joe Hardtke

It's been quiet at the Blog Without Borders lately. And for good reason. Most of our staff has been enjoying some time off. It all started with me on vacation in the desert southwest, roaming the dusty highways of New Mexico, Arizona, Utah and Colorado with my wife. (Maybe I should share some pics...)

I returned last week and Jean jetted off. (I'm not quite sure where, to be honest.) She'll be back next week. Carly even took some time off, spending a few lovely days in Portland, she tells me. But we're back and planning some big shows for Jean's return.

We'll kick off next Monday with a full recap on Obama's trip this week to the Middle East. While we're on that notion, we're also planning a show Thursday on the intriguing notion of travel as a political act. There's more, of course, but I'll fill you in once I know more from Carly and Dan. In the meantime, leave your questions and comments about the above topics here at the Blog Without Borders. Or you can call and leave your messages at the Here on Earth Hotline - 1-877-GLOBE-07. We'll play them back on the air.

OK then... Back to alien fortune telling... Talk to you soon!

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