Thursday, June 25, 2009

Community as Hope in Hard Times 6/25

Carly Yuenger

It's easy to look around at the problems we face as a world, as a nation, and as a community and get a sinking feeling in one's stomach. Our guest today, though, would like to teach us how to feel a sense of opportunity instead.

Richard Harwood is the Founder of The Harwood Institute for Public Innovation and in places like Tehran and Detroit, he sees what he calls a "Compelling Moment." Can we address nationwide, and even worldwide, problems through getting active in our communities? How have you worked to build community? What opportunities and innovative ideas are sparked for you when you look at the crises of today? Add your comments here or leave us a voicemail at 1-877-GLOBE-07.


Ben Damman said...

I'm really enjoying this show. It relates exactly to a community website project we're undertaking in the Twin Ports (Duluth/Superior).

We're calling it the Twin Ports Commonwealth, but are planning to franchise our model to other communities.

We're taking a very unique approach to building community alongside technology. We're organizing ALL information and people of the Twin Ports, using technology to facilitate off-line (personal) connections between individuals and communities.

I encourage anyone to e-mail or call me for more information about how we can help your community get a similar initiative off the ground in their community.

Ben Damman -
Call 218-206-2646

Carly Yuenger said...

Sounds like a great project! Online connections and offline relationships are becoming more and more entwined; it makes a lot of sense to encourage the interchange between the two. Having lived in Duluth, I can really see something like the Commonwealth taking off--be sure to keep us updated on how it unfolds!