Friday, June 19, 2009

Reporting from the Energy Fair

Joe Hardtke

I'm reporting from the Energy Fair in Custer, Wisconsin where the show is scheduled to air a live remote later today.

Yesterday, my co-engineer Britny DeAnda and I spent most the day here setting up and testing our equipment. It's a crazy place, a virtual tent city set up in the middle of a field about five miles outside of Stevens Point, Wisconsin. It's like a eco-business Woodstock, with hippies replaced by green entrepreneurs and ideas flowing everywhere. We're broadcasting from the Fair's "Maroon" tent if you want to drop by and say hello.

Forecast for today? 84, humid and a 50 percent of rain, maybe thunderstorms. This could get very interesting. If a storm does go through, it could disrupt things a bit. I'm prepared for the very real possibility that we may have to stop broadcasting for a while if lightning strikes too close to home.

Will your loyal Technical Director be electrocuted? Will the show go off without a hitch? Will eco-geniuses on site figure out a way to power the show with massive lightning rods made out of paper clips!? :) Tune in later today, faithful listeners!

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Joe Hardtke said...

Well, so far so good. A little rain earlier today, but so far overcast mostly, with a little sunshine. Hopefully the thundergods will stay away!

If you're in the Stevens Point area, come down and say hello to Jean. The show goes live in 90 minutes and you can stream live at