Thursday, August 20, 2009

Afghans: Voting for Stability 8/20

Carly Yuenger

On today's show we follow Afghans home from the polls and talk about expectations in Afghanistan for election results and for the future of their very young democratic government.

Today's guests, Andrew Wilder and Antonio Donini, have spent a lot of time in Afghanistan over the last 25 years--together, they've seen the Taliban come to power, be ousted, and the aftermath that's followed their fall. They remind us that Afghanistan is a country that struggles under the burden of three decades of armed conflict and that, in many ways, the history of that conflict overshadows today's elections.

Do we need to look backward before we can help Afghans to envision a different future? Is Afghanistan becoming another example of outside help forgetting the complexities of living inside? What is in our best interest about being there? What are the conditions under which democratic practices, institutions, and governments flourish? Add your thoughts, comments, and questions below.

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