Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Take a Sail on the S/V Denis Sullivan 8/18

Carly Yuenger

On today's show we explore the water ecology laboratory and innovative classroom aboard the schooner sailboat, the S/V Denis Sullivan.

This replica schooner based in Milwaukee hearkens back to a very different time on the Great Lakes as it gathers data about the giant fresh water ecosystem and looks to the future of fresh water ecology in the Great Lakes by serving as a floating classroom. Check out this video of students on the S/V Denis Sullivan:

With the invasive silver carp making their way up the Chicago River to within miles of Lake Michigan, decades of stress on water resources ahead of us, and idling legislation to protect the Great Lakes water system, what concerns are foremost in your mind when it comes to water ecology today? Share your stories of schooner sailing and your concerns about fresh water ecology by leaving a comment below.

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