Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Women Peacemakers 8/25

Carly Yuenger

On today's show we learn how Liberia's women came together, across religious differences, to force their husbands and the men of their country to make peace.

The film, Pray the Devil Back to Hell, is touring around to areas of conflict to serve as an example of how people who are given little power can come together to create the political, cultural, and personal pressure necessary to end a war.

Through using cultural taboos, denying sex to their husbands, locking the warring men into their peace conference, and, after, by forgiving them, Liberian women brought an end to a brutal civil war and saw their nation onto a path of healing.

It's an inspiring story and one that may hold lessons for the rest of the world. What have you learned about the rise of women in politics in Liberia? What role do you think women play in peace making and peace keeping? Can Liberia stand as an example for people living in other areas of conflict? Where else have you seen women harnessing the power in their everyday lives to create a social movement? Share your stories and thougts by adding a comment below.


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