Monday, June 20, 2011

Programs for the Week of 5/23

Monday: Muslims, Mosques, and American Identity (encore): Tune in to our Gabriel Award-winning program from our Inside Islam: Dialogues and Debates series, "Muslims, Mosques, and American Identity": Can a Muslim be an American? Islamic Studies luminary Akbar Ahmed went all the way back to the Founding Fathers to answer that question. And who can argue with the Founding Fathers? (Rebroadcast from November 2, 2010)

Tuesday: Chosen Peoples: The idea of the chosen is everywhere in American and Israeli history, both trying to grasp the meaning of divine election and to bear its burden. We’ll examine the special relationship between the U.S. and Israel through the prism of their perceived special status as chosen peoples.

Wednesday: How to Make it Happen: Collective Visioning: Linda Stout proved through her award winning work in Appalachia that diversity is essential to meaningful social change. Now, she’s helping groups around the country begin their work by getting everybody a seat at the table.

Thursday: Elif Shafak: The most widely read woman writer in Turkey today, Elif Shafak was accused of insulting “Turkishness” for mentioning the Armenian genocide in one of her novels. Throughout her life and career, Elif has tried to unify the wildly different aspects of her identity: woman, Muslim, Turkish, international globetrotter, writer, mother. For her, what holds it all together in the end is the power of fiction to overcome the politics of identity.

Friday: How to Eat Well on Forty Dollars a Week: Newly divorced and laid off, food writer Robin Mather moved to the woods and slashed her food budget. Her pantry became her savings account and the farmers nearby her grocers and her friends.

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