Friday, June 3, 2011

Programs for the week of 6/6

Monday: Religion with Joy: Many practitioners approach religion without joy, relying on concepts that constrict us rather than free us. Using music and movement, Rabbi Sigal teaches methods and guides practices intended to free the spirit and release the dance of the soul.

Tuesday: India - Geek Nation?: Are Indians naturally geeky? In her new book, Angela Saini, who sees herself as the geek daughter of her Indian geek father, explores the past and future of India’s devotion to science.

Wednesday: Socrates in Sichuan: Peter Vernezze went to China as a Peace Corps Volunteer to get a break from teaching philosophy. But in order to understand his students, he went back to teaching the nature of truth and the ideal of the good life, discovering in the process a side of China we rarely get to see.

Thursday: Old Flames Burn Bright in the Eternal City: In Mary Gordon's latest novel, The Love of My Youth, former lovers rendezvous in Rome after a separation of nearly forty years. Adam says to Miranda, "I want to show you one beautiful thing every day." Can a novel be a guidebook?

Friday: Bach to the Future: A 20th Season Bacchanale: The Bach Dancing and Dynamite Society turns 20 this year with a bang and a cookbook!: C0-founders Jeffrey Sykes and Stephanie Jutt are celebrating by coming out with a cookbook and a CD, pairing their favorite recipes with their favorite musical selections. Coffee Cantata, anyone?

The cookbook is organized by menu,includes wine pairings and the CD of BDDS live recordings especially selected for each menu.

Cookbooks will be sold for $25 at all BDDS concerts this summer. For $50, they can be personalized by Stephanie and Jeffrey ($25 of this price is considered a tax-deductible donation). They will also be available at Fromagination and Orange Tree Imports in Madison. All proceeds support BDDS.

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