Monday, June 13, 2011

Programs for the Week of 6/13

Monday: A Future Without Nuclear Energy?: The recent nuclear disaster in Japan has many people re-thinking the risks and benefits of nuclear energy. Germany took a bold stance two weeks ago when it pledged to shut down its nuclear reactors by 2022. What are the consequences of living without nuclear energy?

Tuesday: Whitewashing Tales from The Arabian Nights: In the original telling, Scheherazade’s story was wild and wicked enough to keep the Sultan awake for a 1001 nights. Reza Aslan and Andrei Codrescu uncover the libidinous side of the Arabian Nights as we talk about the seductive power of storytelling.

Wednesday: Journey to the Moon: When was the last time you felt the enchantment of the full moon? James Attlee traveled the world to bask with those who still find significance in the moon and its province, the night.

Thursday: The Anarchist Bastard: Joanna Herman, who grew up on a pig farm in Connecticut and is fond of saying, "I was born in 1944 but raised in the twelfth century," gives a salute to Italian patriarchy in this twist on Fathers' Day.

Friday: Salt: It's the most universal of ingredients and the one most easily overlooked. From Sel Gris to flake salt, Mark Bitterman argues that the better you know your salt, the better every meal will turn out.

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