Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Busy Day at the Office

Joe Hardtke

Here's the latest video blog from the Production office. Dan, Lisa, Patrick and myself fill you in on upcoming shows and share some exciting news concerning our iPod Nano raffle.

Hopefully Jean will be feeling better by tomorrow and we'll be back with an all new show. And as for the video blogs, more are on the way so keep this site bookmarked.

'Til then...


Anonymous said...

Ai! Shaky-cam!

You guys are doing some interesting stuff - blogging, video .. keep it up!

Joe Hardtke said...

Indeed! It's Joe on the Earthquake Cam! Sorry 'bout that. I just thought it would be cool to hold my own camera while swinging around on the chair.

Lisa's right. Maybe I do need a union camera guy.