Thursday, March 26, 2009

Through Illness, Storms and Static, We Press On!

Update - 3/26/09: You can download the MP3 of today's Inside Islam program from our archive. Let us know what you think!

Joe Hardtke

So, about today's show... It seemed everything that could go wrong (and couldn't go wrong) just about went wrong! That's live radio for you.

We started the day with Dan showing up to work sick. Then we heard our lead guest today, Dr. Nasr, was recovering at home as well. Things quickly went downhill from there, as Jean and I explain in this short video blog post...

We even received some sympathy tweets from our listeners on Twitter: "I am not troubled by the guest's phone... It is a tribute to your admirably high standards that the phone glitch was troubling to y'all!"

Despite the long day, Jean is right about the importance of this program and I hope you enjoyed the show and the Inside Islam series in general.

Me, personally? I blame gremlins...

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